Former Mueller Prosecutor Withdraws from Roger Stone Case After DOJ Intervention

Prosecutors seek up to nine years in prison for Trump ally Roger Stone

US prosecutors ask for 7-9 years jail for Trump confidant Stone

The Justice Department (DOJ) has made plans to reduce its original sentencing recommendation for President Donald Trump's longtime confidant Roger Stone amid criticism from the president and top officials, according to a report from Fox News.

Legal experts said it would be unusual for prosecutors to change their proposed sentence after filing a formal recommendation to the court, especially on a high-profile case like this in which senior Justice Department officials as well as courtroom prosecutors are involved in the decision-making.

Federal prosecutors also recently softened their sentencing position on former national security adviser Michael Flynn, saying that they would not oppose a probation of punishment after initially saying that he deserved up to six months in prison for lying to the FBI.

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Punishing the self-described "dirty trickster" with seven to nine years in prison was "extreme and excessive", as well as wholly disproportionate to Stone's actual crimes, an unnamed Justice Department official told the AP on Tuesday.

Trump - who viewed Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe, which tripped up Stone, as a "witch hunt" - hinted that he might pardon Stone or commute his sentence.

In a tweet on Monday, Trump expressed his dismay over Stone's fate, calling it "a frightful and very unfair situation". He was found guilty on all seven charges brought against him in November. The filing notes that this recommendation is "consistent with the applicable advisory Guidelines".

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Stone's colorful trial featured references to the film "The Godfather Part II", an impression of Senator Bernie Sanders by prosecution witness Randy Credico, and testimony by political heavyweights including former Trump campaign chief executive Steve Bannon and former Trump deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates. "Stone's but I am grateful that he chose to speak on my family's behalf, and for many people that may not agree with him politically, because he believes in our cause", Webster writes.

Witnesses in the situation indicated that Trump's project saw Stone as an "access point" to WikiLeaks as well as attempted to utilize him to obtain breakthrough word concerning hacked e-mails harming to Hillary Clinton. The order was issued after Stone posted a photo on Instagram appearing to show crosshairs next to a picture of Judge Amy Berman Jackson. But he began pushing Credico to broker a get in touch with, as well as Credico indicated that he informed Stone to overcome his very own intermediary.

Stone was also accused of tampering with Credico's testimony when Credico was summoned to testify before Congress and speak with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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