Huawei executive said that they wouldn’t go back to using Google Services

Huawei will not use Google’s services in its Android devices even if US lifts the ban

Huawei says it won't return to Google services even if trade ban lifts

The Chinese telecom and networking giant has confirmed that it won't ever seek to integrate Google Services within its upcoming Android smartphones. In keeping with that at a press conference in Vienna on Thursday the country manager for Austria, Fred Wangfei, said that "Huawei will no longer return to Google services even if the United States should lift the trade ban". His comments made it seem like the company was going a different route. And has Trump has made abundantly clear it is not about the US/China Trade negotiations - it is about allegations that Huawei is too close to the Chinese Communist Party for his (and five-eyes) comfort. In the meantime, Huawei will keep improving its app store, and it will also work to create its own ecosystem that will exist alongside Android and iOS.

But that is obviously not working in Huawei's case, and Google may have to break the AOSP link because it can't afford to develop Android and give its "secrets away for free". Ever since the ban by the U.S., the company has been adapting to the situation by finding alternative solutions. The company says it will invest $1.5 billion in app development.

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The response from the Chinese tech giant does not refute Wangfei's earlier statements about not using Google Mobile Services and apps in its future devices. The whole thing is expected to continue with releases that are scheduled for the near future.

However, the company will soon launch the P40 series, which will feature no Google apps, just like the Mate 30 series that was unveiled last fall. But that didn't stop Huawei from stay at the top as the second biggest smartphone maker in the world right behind Samsung and above Apple because the Phones the company shipped a year ago all sold out. They also have their own AppGallery, another alternative to Google Play Store which has been around for quite long but still lacking many apps that the Chinese don't use.

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Huawei revealed it was working on its very-own Smartphone Operating System. The company has been constantly looking for viable options offering developers lucrative incentives to join its HMS platform.

Huawei has been making some great phones over the past few years, rapidly increasing its market share in several key markets around the world in addition to China. The transition has been far from smooth as Huawei was seemingly left without a stable app ecosystem overnight but it seems the company isnt looking in the rearview mirror.

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