Facebook Details Plans to Curtail Misinformation About Coronavirus

Facebook Google and Twitter combat fake coronavirus

Facebook To Curb Spread Of Fake News About Novel Coronavirus With Health Ministries Worldwide

Facebook said Friday that it's working to limit the spread of misinformation and harmful content about the coronavirus.

Twitter's efforts in tackling the issue include directing users to reliable sources, prompting those who search for "coronavirus" to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

"Our global network of third-party fact-checkers are continuing their work reviewing content and debunking false claims that are spreading related to the coronavirus", Facebook's Head of Health Kang-Xing Jin wrote in a blog post.

Facebook will target claims flagged by health officials that could harm users who believe them, with a focus on claims that discourage people from getting treatment or "taking appropriate precautions", Jin said.

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Facebook, under fierce scrutiny worldwide in recent years over its privacy practices, has previously removed vaccine misinformation in Samoa, where a measles outbreak killed dozens late last year, after determining the situation was so severe that the inaccuracies were risks to physical harm, a spokeswoman told Reuters, calling the move an "extreme action".

The coronavirus, which as Wired reports has infected over 9,700 people in mainland China and nearly 100 people in 18 other countries, originated from a Wuhan seafood market where wild animals are traded illegally.

Google's SOS Alert reorganizes Search results to show top news stories, any relevant local results, helpful information from trusted organizations and verified safety tips.

The move came after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global health emergency.

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Alphabet Inc.'s Google has launched one of its so-called SOS Alerts for the coronavirus crisis, partnering with the World Health Organization to issue news updates and resources to anyone searching about it.

Twitter has noted that the company didn't see "significant coordinated attempts to spread disinformation" on the platform but there have been over 15 million tweets surrounding the outbreak in the past four weeks. It will restrict or block hashtags used to spread misinformation on Instagram, too.

Facebook, on the other hand, has taken steps to debunk conspiracy theories on its platform.

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