Grab for free: All Half Life games

Every Half-Life game is free-to-play on Steam for the next two months

Half-Life series is free-to-play until Half-Life: Alyx releases

For the next two months, you've got free access to the following games: Half-Life; its two expansions, Opposing Force and Blue Shift; its engine revision, Half-Life Source; Half-Life 2; and its two expansions, Episode One and Episode Two.

This March will see the release of Half-Life Alyx, the first Half-Life game since episode 2 back in 2007. For example, just before Christmas, Half-Life and Half-Life 2 were in the sale at £0.71 each, though they are now listed at £7.19 each...

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Half-Life games are free until the release of Alyx in March. The rest, as they say, is gaming history and Half-Lif quickly grew a cult following that generated fan-made content, both short videos and mods, for years to come.

There isn't anything on Steam, at the moment, called the Half-Life Collection. As such, those eager to revisit City 17 and brush up on their hazily-remembered Half-Life lore - or even those looking to embark on the adventures of Gordon Freeman for the very first time - might want to get stuck in sooner rather than later. Still, any excuse to play Half-Life, whether at a discount or for free, is a good excuse. According to the announcement post, the dev team behind Half-Life: Alyx believes that the best way to experience the VR game is to have experienced all other entries in the series before it.

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Half-Life: Alyx is on the way and ahead of its scheduled release, Valve has just announced that the entire Half-Life Collection is free-to-play on Steam until Half-Life: Alyx releases.

Over a decade after the release of the last game, Half-Life: Alyx will be the the first game in the franchise to explore virtual reality.

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