Goofy-eyed husky rejected by breeder finds love

Jubilee has been adopted after a lengthy stay at the Husky House shelter in New Jersey

Jubilee has been adopted after a lengthy stay at the Husky House shelter in New Jersey

She also paid Husky House's kindness forward by helping the sanctuary raise over $2,000 thanks to the post that went viral because, let's be honest with ourselves, Jubilee is an adorable, emminently shareable dog.

'I came from a "breeder" who couldn't sell me because he said I was "weird" looking.

Jubilee, who suffers from a congenital eyelid issue, has since lived at the New Jersey shelter.

A breeder gave her to Husky House in 2018, telling the nonprofit shelter in Matawan that Jubilee couldn't be sold because she was too "weird" looking.

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"She's really such an awesome dog who was so deserving of her forever home".

"Huskies are majestic looking dogs and I don't know why I don't look like them", the shelter wrote in Jubilee's voice.

Heartfelt plea: 'Doesn't anyone want a amusing looking husky?

"I like other dogs, but I don't like cats".

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"I wish I was handsome so someone would want me to be their dog", wrote "Jubilee" in her heartbreaking adoption appeal that was posted by Husky House on Facebook Wednesday.

Husky House says Jubilee's new owners would like to remain anonymous for the time being but added that they've set up Jubilee with her own Facebook page, where fans can go for updates. "I'm a little shy because people mostly laugh at the way I look".

Husky House first told Jubilee's story almost two weeks ago in a post that has since been shared more than 5,000 times. "I wish I had a family of my own who could love me even though I'm not pretty". But last Tuesday, after Husky House shared a post about Jubilee, she became something of a viral celebrity - and she's since been adopted by a loving family. "We've obviously posted about her before, as we do for all of our dogs, and she's been on our website". "It does not affect her in any way or slow her down one bit".

Over 150 people applied to adopt Jubilee from the Facebook post alone.

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