Maajid Nawaz's incredibly powerful speech on US Iran tensions

French President Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron on the steps of the Elysee palace in Paris France

The Iraqi prime minister said his country rejects all violations against its sovereignty, including the barrage of ballistic missiles that Iranian forces fired targeting against us troops in Iraq and also America's violation of Iraq's airspace in the airstrike that killed a top Iranian general last week.

A photograph that purportedly shows one of the Iranian missiles that was launched at Iraqi bases early on 8 January.

European foreign affairs ministers reiterated their support for the nuclear deal brokered with Iran and expressed concerns Friday that the escalating tensions in the region could lead to a resurgence of the Islamic State's activities.

That way, "they can know what's going on in Iran, they can talk to the Iranian government and they can serve the many, many, many Canadians who are of Iranian heritage, and Canadians who visit there".

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He said the information the US didn't have was where or when the attacks would occur.

Those measures, which would freeze any assets the officials have in United States jurisdiction and prohibit financial transactions with them, are largely symbolic since such senior figures are unlikely to have assets under American control.

Tensions between the USA and Iran remain high as fears of world war 3 have not yet subsided.

The US House of Representatives passed a resolution that would ban President Donald Trump from taking military action against Iran without the approval of Congress in a rebuke to the president's foreign policy in the Middle East.

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"What President Trump did is he smoked out Iran, ended the global conceit, this pretence that Iran wasn't backing terrorist militia across the world, by basically holding the top general responsible for all these terrorist militia, accountable for his actions". He said the United States government made a judgement call regarding intel they received and did not have time to contact Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

The United States has been at loggerheads with Iran, a fierce regional rival of U.S. allies Israel and Saudi Arabia, for decades. The US military responded with air strikes that killed 25 PMU fighters.

Assuming the allegations of a missile strike prove true, the responsibility for the tragedy rests squarely with the Iranians, Heyman added, and Canada must first focus on ensuring the families of the victims can properly grieve their losses.

But Democrats, and some Republicans, have expressed deep skepticism about the administration's rationale for Soleimani's killing, and are demanding Congress reassert its power over a commander in chief's use of American military might against another nation. "I didn't learn anything in the hearing that I hadn't seen in a newspaper already", he said of the briefing.

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Define what you mean by imminent?

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