Quadrantids meteor shower may put on a show Saturday morning

Don't worry if you missed the New Year Eve's fireworks, a meteor shower will light up the skies Friday night. But unlike most of the meteor shower, this meteor shower will not have a peak time of a few days; it will have just a peak time of a few hours.

Meteor showers, also known as shooting stars, are caused when pieces of debris enter the planet's atmosphere at high speeds.

National Astronomical Research Institution of Thailand (NARIT)'s Chief of Academic Services Section Suphareuk Khareuhanon said that the meteor shower will create "shooting stars" best viewed during the peak of the phenomenon, from 2:30am until dawn tomorrow.

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This false-color image of a rare early Quadrantid was captured by a NASA meteor camera in 2010.

Signs of the Quadrantid meteor shower began in the tail end of December, but the event peaks in early January. However, Quadrans Muralis was bumped off the list of modern constellations in 1922, long after the meteor shower was first observed in 1825, and the name was simply retained because Quadrans Muralis was a constellation for a long enough time to lend its name. The Quadrantids were first seen in 1825, yet the space rock wasn't found until March 2003 by the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search (LONEOS).

The best places to watch from, based on cloud cover, appear to be a thin swath of Alberta in the lee of the Rockies, as well as in parts of southwestern Saskatchewan.

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Don't despair if you are caught under cloudy skies tonight! So avid meteor watchers across the globe will be on the watch no matter what. During its top, between 60 to 200 meteors can be seen every hour under immaculate conditions.

The IMO suggests the best strategy to spot meteors is to face the northeast quadrant of the sky and center your view about halfway up in the sky.

Most of the meteor shower is generally originated from a comet, but Quadrantis originated from an asteroid, and what's unique about it. Since this radar is located in the United Kingdom, it isn't the most ideal location during the peak, but will still pick up some Quadrantids during the night. They originate from an asteroid called 2003 EH1.

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