Eddie Gallagher's fellow Navy SEALS describe him as 'evil'

NY Times: Navy SEAL Called Edward Gallagher 'Freaking Evil'

Eddie Gallagher's fellow Navy SEALS describe him as 'evil'

National security adviser Robert O'Brien said Sunday that President Donald Trump is standing behind retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, despite footage obtained by The New York Times of Gallagher's platoon describing him as "evil" and "toxic".

In April 2018, they went outside the SEALs to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and Chief Gallagher was arrested a few months later.

The SEALs described how their chief seemed to love killing, how he targeted women and children and boasted that "burqas were flying".

The footage provides revealing insights from the men who worked with Gallagher and turned him in. They have never spoken publicly about the case, which has divided an elite fighting force which is known for its secrecy.

"Sorry about this", Special Operator First Class Craig Miller told an investigator as he tried to hide his tears.

"The guy was toxic", Special Operator First Class Joshua Vriens told investigators with Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents, according to the report, which was published Friday.

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Asked by WBUR radio in an interview if the case could be ruled a suicide, Rollins said, "All things are indicating as such". They are also appealing to those who may have any other useful information to contact investigators through a tip line.

"That you just must well even relate he used to be perfectly OK with killing any one which used to be shifting", Particular Operator First Class Corey Scott said.

The material also includes thousands of text messages that the SEALs sent to one another about Gallagher's case and video from a SEAL's helmet camera that shows Gallagher approach a barely conscious captive - a teenage ISIL fighter - in May 2017, according to AP reporting. The camera then shuts off.

Timothy Parlatore, Gallagher's lawyer, said the SEALs' interviews contained falsehoods and inconsistencies that formed "a clear road map to the acquittal".

Three SEALs said they saw Gallagher stab the sedated Islamic State captive for no reason before holding a re-enlistment ceremony over the teenager's body.

Miller called it "the most disgraceful thing I've ever seen in my life". He was granted clemency by the president in November in a decision that angered military chiefs.

"The President, as Commander-in-Chief, is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the law is enforced and when appropriate, that mercy is granted", the statement read.

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That case took a turn when a key prosecution witness testified that he caused the prisoner's death, not Gallagher.

His comments came as multiple USA news outlets reported that then-Navy Secretary Richard Spencer had threatened to resign over the affair, a claim he denied.

"I stood up for three great warriors against the deep state", Trump told supporters at a Thanksgiving rally in Sunrise, Florida, apparently referring to a decision just weeks earlier by Adm Mike Gilday, the U.S. navy's chief of operations, to deny Gallgher's appeal for clemency and uphold his demotion.

"My first response to seeing the videos used to be shock and disgust that they would constructing up blatant lies about me, nonetheless I rapidly realized that they had been nervous that the truth would come out of how cowardly they acted on deployment", Gallagher said.

O'Brien on Sunday said the videotaped platoon members were part of "a selective group of SEALs" and there were many others who supported Gallagher and appealed to the president on his behalf.

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