Valve removed 1000 games from Steam because publishers were 'abusing' Steamworks

Steam just deleted hundreds of games from the store

Valve bans almost 1000 games on Steam

Now, the Steam Controller is also being discontinued.

The Steam Autumn Sale is set to run through December 3, so you've got a week to take advantage of the discounts. Tough luck. The Steam Controller's death heralds the final end of Valve's "Steam Machines" efforts to bring Steam to the sofa. Branded Steam PCs have always been a thing of the past following its unceremonious demise, and now its weird - but, as far as I'm concerned, genuinely wonderful - input device is defunct too.

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It remains to be seen what will happen next, and how Nunes's lawsuit will come together. Nunes said the news outlets "will find themselves in court soon after Thanksgiving".

KitGuru Says: I still have my Steam Controller, although it has been a very long time since I last used it.

Selecting "related apps" for individual listings of banned games reveals how they're connected: Sly Pigs, for instance, is five steps removed from Running Sausage, but only two from BattleStar Mazay. The controller will soon be out of stick entirely, putting Valve's previous experiment to rest.

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Her former partner was given a suspended jail term in August for physically assaulting and blackmailing the star. She captioned the breath-taking picture: Good Night (in the Korean language), wishing her 1.7 million followers.

Despite its problems though, the Steam Controller is a mini marvel of configurability, with Valve's accompanying software offering a huge amount of flexibility in terms of customisation. Both devices were designed with the goal of tackling PC gaming in the living room. And I'm genuinely a little sad to think that when my Steam Controller eventually shuffles off to device heaven in a tiny sigh of defeat, there may be nothing similar to replace it.

If you've been checking out this week's Steam Autumn Sale, you might have noticed one particular bargain: the Steam Controller, Valve's freakish owl-eyed gamepad, had its price slashed by a whopping 90%. If you haven't grabbed by one now, that's it.

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