Relatives say at least 9 U.S. citizens killed in north Mexico

At least 9 women and children were killed in an ambush in Mexico

The burned wreckage of one vehicle carrying a Mormon family. Lafe Langford Jr./Facebook

The brutal attack occurred on a highway in the border state of Sonora, where three carloads of Mormon relatives were fired on, and at least one vehicle burst into flames, officials said.

The Mexican government countered Trump's call by urging Washington to help stop the flow of American weapons south of the border, and Security Minister Alfonso Durazo said Remington shell casings of US origin were found at the crime scene.

The communities date back to a time when the USA government was cracking down on polygamy in Utah in the early 1880s, prompting Mormon leaders to send pioneer families to establish colonies of "true believers" in Canada and Mexico, according to Jon Krakauer, who detailed the history of the fundamentalist communities in his book "Under the Banner of Heaven".

Yet another toddler, 7-month-oldschool Faith Marie Johnson, modified into once learned in a automobile seat that her mother put on the flooring for the length of the shootout to provide protection to her, Liddiard acknowledged.

Three mothers wereThere were three mothers who were driving three separate SUVs.

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State and federal authorities are investigating the incident, authorities said.

Three women and six children were killed, while six other kids were injured.

The Juarez Cartel wanted the Sinaloa Cartel off its turf, General Homero Mendoza said.

Thirteen-year-old Devin Langford took charge of the situation after the convoy was ambushed and the women and children were shot dead, eventually walking about 23 km (14 miles) in six hours back to La Mora, the settlement where they lived, to ask for help.

Devin Blake Langford was one of many 14 youngsters and three moms who have been attacked and gunned down close to the US' Arizona border on Monday, his relative Kendra Lee Miller wrote on Fb early Tuesday morning.

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A third SUV - about 10 miles behind the other two - had been headed to an airport in Arizona, Miller said. For 11 hours, the relatives had no idea about what had happened to their loved ones.

In line with Liddiard, the newborn, 9-month-old Brixon Oliver Langford, was shot within the chest and had a bullet graze his wrist within the shootout. "We're taught from a young age to - the most - the best thing you can do in your life is to give your life for someone else, and if we ever have an opportunity to help somebody, we do".

Relatives and Mexican soldiers found the girl after searching the area for about two hours, Miller said. Another sister, Kylie, was shot in the foot, while sibling Ryder was uninjured.

As nightfall loomed, 9-year-old McKenzie Langford - who was shot in the wrist - grew anxious about Devin and said, "I gotta go find him", Lafe Langford said. One of the cars, carrying Ms Rhonita Maria Miller, 30, and four children, including eight-month-old twins, was set aflame by attackers. The five were all shot and burned in their vehicle. "Only ashes and a few bones remain".

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