Microsoft Introduces Unified Office App on the Phone

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Source Windows Central

And at the Microsoft Ignite Conference, all technology leaders have announced officially that they will be going to live test a new version of the Office application in the smartphone that eventually, joins or, you can say make World, Excel & Powerpoint in a single app. Today, a new Office app is rolling out for Android (and iOS).

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There's absolutely no guarantee that a person using the Word app will also use the PowerPoint app. Back in the days when Windows Phone was a thing, Office Hub app offered access to Word and OneNote documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. The new Microsoft Office app has all the 3 most important apps bundled into one. You can take a picture of a document and turn it into an editable Word file by pressing a button. Microsoft says you'll need the option to develop and signal PDFs easily out of your tinier smartphone displays, and sharing files has also been simplified and streamlined. They also can convert powerpoint files to PDF documents. The app is available in now in public preview for Android and iOS (via Apple's TestFlight beta testing programme).

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The company's newly unveiled Office app is an attempt to put everything you might need in one place. It takes into account "how people's expectations differ when using a phone versus a computer", with the end result being an app optimized for "simplicity, efficiency, and common mobile needs". A report suggested that the new MS Office app will not replace the existing ones, but will come as a new package. Moreover, the Sticky Notes integration helps the users to dwell notes without using Sticky Notes App. Users can also scan the QR code to open the file and link. You can jot down text, create lists, and attach images.

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The new version will be made available in all Android and iOS devices.

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