New Microsoft Edge browser will launch on January 15

New Microsoft Edge browser will launch on January 15

New Microsoft Edge browser will launch on January 15

But this sudden change or new innovation?

Why it matters: Noticing the popularity of Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers like Opera, Microsoft made a decision to completely rebuild its Edge browser and has been beta testing the Chromium-powered version for some time now. Microsoft broadly classified the new features into three parts: generally available, public preview, and private preview.

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Microsoft Graph connectors integrate external data into the Microsoft cloud into Microsoft Graph services and applications to enhance Microsoft 365 experiences such as Microsoft Search. We now know the launch date for Chromium Edge: January 15th. The browser will support more than 90 languages.

Social media director Jeff Higgins, from Florida, tweeted: 'The new Microsoft Edge logo looks more like the logo for something I'd toss in the dryer to make my clothes softer and smell like perfumey palm trees'. Companies primarily use Home windows, although some even have Macs floating round so Chromium Edge isn't just a Home windows 10 affair.

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The new Chromium-backed Microsoft Edge browser has up until this point been available in both Canary, Dev and Beta channels, but the company has now announced that the first release candidate build has been released. So that is what Chromium Edge seems destined to be: a enterprise browser.

"We have also designed for privacy, so display names for risky users can be anonymized by default to maintain privacy at this level of the investigation and prevent conflicts of interest like seeing a friend or your boss on the list", Microsoft adds. That is exactly what would explain why it opted for the Chromium based browsers - an engine that powers the Google Chrome browser as well.

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We would indeed be looking for an improved performance for the new Edge Browser, with the newer and improved features.

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