Issue With Google Pixel 4 Software White Balance 'Fix'

Tech Crunch: Security Researchers Find Hidden Ads in Google Play Store Apps

Google Pay finally adds biometric authentication for money transfers - news

The Google Pixel 4 has a very good camera - there's no doubt about it. It is most likely a shortcoming in Google's algorithm, but we don't know why this would affect some devices and not others.

Since this radar-powered tech can detect when you're nearby, the Pixel 4 also unlocks slightly faster than its cheaper sibling. Googles own Pixel 4 lineup relies on facial unlock for authentication so this new addition will certainly be useful for owners of that one. The Pixel 4 may unlock even if someone were to hold the phone up to your face while you were sleeping, for example, although Google says a fix for this is coming soon. Enabling the feature will tell you to add either your fingerprint or it will scan your face if you choose to authenticate transactions with your face.

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As if not enough, another major gripe with the Pixel 4 face unlock feature is compatibility (or lack of) with various Android apps.

Security researchers reportedly have found dozens of Android apps in the Google Play store serving ads to unsuspecting victims as part of a money-making scheme.

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What the app developer has done is to build on the support for fingerprint authentication that many apps already have. As always, this isn't something for the faint-hearted, so be sure you are into rooting and all before taking down this road. Specifically you'll need Google Pay 2.100 (or later), which you can grab from the Play Store, or from APK Mirror if you don't feel like waiting for it to roll out.

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