"Name Not Declassified": Trump Tweets Pic Of Dog In Bagdhadi Raid

Source President Trump  White House

Source President Trump White House

U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that Baghdadi had died during a "dangerous and daring" nighttime operation in Syria.

Two of them said they immediately began messaging each other after Trump's address saying 'uh where is he getting that?'.

In 2011, Bin Laden's body was taken to the U.S.S. Carl Vinson, a US aircraft carrier in the North Arabian Sea, according to officials. While speaking to reporters at the White House Sunday, the SC lawmaker said even the president's biggest critics should be saying "well done".

Trump said on Sunday that Baghdadi had died "whimpering and crying" in the raid. But the Baghdadi story underlines long-standing questions about Turkey's readiness to fight the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

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The IS leader detonated a suicide vest in a tunnel as he was chased by United States military dogs. While Baghdadi's death may be a blow to the Islamic State as a group, the implications for the wider battle Southeast Asian states have been waging against terrorism in recent years is less certain.

In a October 27 news conference, the 73-year-old praised a "a dog, a handsome dog, a talented dog", for its work in the top-secret military operation in Northern Syria, saying "We had nobody even hurt and that's why the dog was so great".

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper praised a almost 100-strong force that helicoptered to the rural compound in Syria's Idlib Governorate in a complex mission that required coordination with Russians, Kurds, Turks and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime to prevent US aircraft from being fired upon.

Hours after the raid that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in northwestern Syria, another attack based on Kurdish intelligence killed one of his aides and possible successors, Kurdish forces said.

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General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (a group that advises the President on defence matters) says the Malinois was "slightly wounded and fully recovering", but that the dog "performed a tremendous service".

"The president had planned a talk down to the unit and unit members", the general said.

The informant stole al-Baghdadi's underwear three months ago and, later, obtained a blood sample, NBC News said.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was born in 1971 in the city of Samarra, Iraq.

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The president Monday also celebrated the death of the IS leader, calling Baghdadi, "a sick and depraved man and now he's dead". "Keep the oil", Trump said. "Capturing or killing Baghdadi has been the top National Security priority of my administration". The photo was declassified by Trump.

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