Goodbye Black Hole! Fortnite Season 11 Aka Chapter 2 Is Live

Fortnite was sucked into a black hole; what is next?

Fortnite's latest season ends and now the game is gone

It was earlier expected to arrive last night but the game has given us a mysterious in-game black hole, which gulped down the entire battle royale map and players.

Players logged in Sunday to participate in an event called "The End" as the game prepares to launch its next iteration. The Fortnite server has been live-streaming just the rotating black hole for over 24 hours now, making it look like the game never existed. Players will also be able to give each other piggyback rides.

"All of this is hype for Season 11", esports and gaming consultant Rod Breslau told CNN. If you're curious about the Fortnite Season 11 darkness, let's go over what's happening and why the game chose to suck its map into a black hole.

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For now though, keep an eye on the skies as the black hole continues to consume everything and muck about with the timeline and make more references to the "Zero point".

Less than two days after being hit by a massive asteroid and enveloped in a black hole, Fortnite is back online.

What Fortnite players should expect is something quite different to what has come before.

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"Battle Pass progression has been updated to give you more ways to level up, earn XP, and medals from a variety of in-game activities like searching chests, eliminating opponents, completing challenges, and more!", Epic Games says.

Streamers have already begun flooding in, with the hashtag #FirstDrop, and you can see the first in the main Fortnite Twitch link below. There was radio silence from Epic Games. What is clearly a marketing strategy by Epic Games is turning into big news, which is great for the lull in sales.

Historically, the transitions between "Fortnite" seasons have been short, often with just hours between the ending of one and the beginning of the next. According to Italian blog SmartWorld, the game could bring over a few new features, including a brand new map.

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