Brexit: UK moves to scrap 'level playing field' with EU

Boris Johnson will be challenged in the Scottish court

Boris Johnson will be challenged in the Scottish court

The Taoiseach said the exact amount that the government will provide for Brexit contingency measures was not yet settled.

There is no clear consensus among the parliamentarians about who might succeed Johnson should he be forced from the Prime Minister's office.

Nor does the European Union agree with a proposal that Northern Ireland's assembly be given a right to effectively veto the post-Brexit customs arrangement.

He argued there is no need for an order to be made forcing a letter requesting an Article 50 extension to be sent under the terms of the Benn Act, because the court has it on record it will be sent.

Officially known as the EU Withdrawal Act (No. 2), it stipulates that if Johnson can not reach a deal with the EU by the end of its two-day summit on October 19, he must write the letter requesting an extension in order to prevent a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

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The Prime Minister's official spokesman said the four-year limit "is the one that we believe is sensible". "That's the best thing that could possibly happen".

"There is a risk that we get an agent provocateur... which the government uses as a pretext to obtaining emergency powers", added the elderly politician, who once described Leave voters as "Brexit jihadis".

This is because the Northern Ireland would leave the customs union with the rest of the United Kingdom but continue to follow swathes of European single market rules covering agricultural and industrial goods.

The anti-Brexit campaigners filed two linked challenges to Johnson in Scotland's Outer House of the Court of Session in Edinburgh and the court's Inner House, the highest Scottish court. Tusk spoke out after a 20-minute call with Irish Premier Leo Varadkar.

Revelations made in UK Government documents given to a Scottish court come as a direct contradiction to the plan the Prime Minister delivered when he said the UK will leave the European Union on October 31 - even if it's without a deal.

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Johnson's willingness to embrace a "no-deal" Brexit has alarmed many lawmakers since the government's own assessment of such a scenario warns of an economic slowdown, severe delays at British ports, and possible food and medicine shortages if "no deal" becomes a reality.

The details of the government documents have come to light just a day after Johnson declared he had offered the European Union a proposed new Brexit deal that represents a compromise by the UK.

That grates with Britain's government, which considers the proposals it submitted on Wednesday to be "a fair and reasonable compromise".

Barnier´s team on Friday met Johnson´s diplomatic "sherpa" David Frost in Brussels for talks that wrapped up later in the day. Brussels' Brexit Steering Group (BSG) were less than impressed, writing in a draft statement on Thursday that the proposals "do not represent a basis for an agreement to which the parliament could give consent by the end of the month".

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