A Doomed Star Captured While Devoured By A Supermassive Black Hole

New Magnificent Black Hole Visualization

NASA black hole: NASA releases visualization of black hole swallowing star in galaxy

Black holes have always been a point of curiosity for scientists because of incredibly strong gravitational pull which can swallow nearly everything on their way. You're in luck because NASA has a new visualization showing how these enormous objects work.

In a statement, NASA has explained that the new visualisation simulates the appearance of a black hole where the infalling matter gets collected into a thin, hot structure called an accretion disk. It is wild enough to even imagine the collision of two such black holes, but space researchers have discovered that three enormously powerful back holes are on the collision course.

"It's definitely an exciting time for people who study black holes/ especially because, in this case too, this tidal disruption event, when a black hole shreds apart a star, that only happens every ten thousands to 100 thousand years or so it is relatively rare so any opportunity we have to study them we are using all our facilities, everything we can throw at it".

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The new NASA visualization shows off a more detailed view of the physics of black holes than that image could reveal.

This rare incident was noticed when Ryan Pfeifle, an astrophysicist at George Mason University in Virginia, and his team was hunting for galaxy mergers. Twisting magnetic fields surrounding the disk make the gas cluster into knots, NASA said.

Such phenomena occur when a star ventures close to a supermassive black hole, objects that remain at the center of massive galaxies including our Milky Way. The light waves emanating from the left side of the disk become compacted (from our perspective) and thus appear brighter.

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Another way to imagine this effect, called the Doppler effect, is to picture yourself watching a auto on a circular racetrack. Light is made up of particles called photons.

Astrophysicists have predicted that the orbit tightens and the supermassive black holes merger over time.

He also mentioned follow-up perceptions by NASA's Swift space telescope, the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton space telescope, and telescopes in the worldwide Las Cumbres Observatory arrange in California.

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