Climate change protesters to rally at London city hall Friday afternoon

Dr. Lucky Tran 
Look at this massive wave of people in Dunedin New Zealand! #ClimateStrike

Dr. Lucky Tran Look at this massive wave of people in Dunedin New Zealand! #ClimateStrike

Back at the giant Montreal march made up mostly of children and a few adults, Alexanne Lessard stood out in her tree costume.

She has inspired millions of young people to take to the streets over climate change since starting solitary weekly protests outside Swedish parliament a year ago.

When asked about US President Donald Trump and others who have mocked her, the teenager said they likely feel their world view and interests are being threatened by climate activism.

Climate change is an global emergency and political leaders across the globe - including Canada - aren't doing enough to confront the crisis, Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg told a Montreal crowd on Friday.

The youth climate movement has drawn criticism from some who accuse the students of overreacting and say they would be better off going to school. "So nice to see!"

Thousands later chanted "Greta!". Most of the federal party leaders are joining marchers, who are demanding cuts to greenhouse-gas emissions.

"We will let you not get away with this", Thunberg said.

"The people have spoken".

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"We are in the beginning of a mass extinction", Thunberg warned world leaders. "We are the change, and change is coming".

Greta Thunberg speaks to guests during the Youth Climate Summit at United Nations headquarters.

Last Friday, an estimated four million people turned out for a global climate strike.

A number of global movements are coming together for one, massive climate change protest at the end of what they call "Week for Future".

Protesters fill Civic Square during a strike to raise climate change awareness in Wellington.

More than 600 students at the University of Calgary were expected to walk out of morning classes and parade down to city hall for a rally scheduled for noon.

Bardem was promoting a documentary he worked on with Greenpeace. "Her fearless, clear-minded and science-led approach to activism is inspiring for many people", he says.

In Poland, protesters blocked traffic in downtown Warsaw by chaining themselves to a tent.

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Cox, in his answers to MPs, pitted the electorate against the parliament and accused MPs of wanting to reverse Brexit. She backed calls for Mr Johnson to resign from his position as Prime Minister. "He says he wants a general election".

"I will try and communicate the urgency and say that they are the ones in charge now". "But I think it's because of the circumstances, the reality of climate change now, are so very obvious".

Thunberg said she told Trudeau the same thing she tells all world leaders.

From school pupils to local government representatives and MPs, about 100 people from across Southland gathered today to call for "action" on climate change at the Queens Park Feldwick Memorial Gates, in Invercargill.

Over the past year, Greta Thunberg has arguably done more to galvanise global action on climate than any other single individual.

The world's top scientists believe the long-term average temperature rise must be limited to 1.5 deg C over pre-industrial levels to prevent runaway warming and catastrophic longer term damage.

"When I saw her speech, I was very impressed by her passion and outrage", thrash-metal drummer John Meredith, who plays in the band Suaka, tells Rolling Stone.

"He's, of course, obviously not doing enough. this is such a huge problem, this is a system that is wrong". "My message to all the politicians is the same, to just listen to the science, act on the science".

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