Labour will cap how many private school students can go to uni

Labour Votes To

Labour votes to abolish private schools and scrap Ofsted

Labour passed a motion at their conference in Brighton this weekend which outlined a commitment to "integrate all private schools into the state sector" in the next manifesto.

Properties and investment held by private schools would be "redistributed democratically and fairly" across the country's educational institutions as part of the reforms.

The movement provides universities must admit the identical proportion of personal faculty college students as within the wider inhabitants, at present 7%.

Labour Votes To
Britain's opposition Labour plans to abolish private schools

Despite Britain repeatedly refusing to back the "politics of envy", The Labour Party approved the policy on Sunday and said the plans 'would probably be included in Labour's general election manifesto'.

'Our very first budget will immediately close the tax loopholes used by elite private schools and use that money to improve the lives of all children, ' she said.

Axing private schools would be a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights on the right to choose education as well as Article 26 of the United Nations on the right to education, the ISC argues.

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"This huge leap forward is a testament to the hard work of grassroots Labour members and the ambition and determination of Angela Rayner and John McDonnell".

"It is a matter of fact that private schools perpetuate structural inequality in our society and we can see that in the number of top professions and leadership positions in our country that are dominated disproportionately by people who went to private schools", said the Glasgow North East MP.

She also pledged to scrap education regulator Ofsted and replace it will a new "peer review system", saying: "Schools will no longer be reduced to a one-word grade or subjected to a system that hounds teachers from the classroom". The Chief executive of the Independent Schools Council said it would be an attack on the rights of parents.

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"If implemented, it will be an act of unprecedented vandalism".

"It would threaten the jobs of teachers and support staff, and empty promises of transferring over to a comprehensive state system ignore employment law and basic humanity".

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